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Satya Research provides specialist, immersive,  ethnographic  research methods. We capture real moments to share human stories in rich and insightful ways. Not only do we ensure an innovative and sensitive approach to visual research, but the quality of production is always exceptional with story telling at its heart.

Satya research is managed by Satya director Sky Neal. With a first class degree in Anthropology, an MA in Visual Anthropology and twelve years experience,  Sky is a competent and sensitive ethnographic researcher specialising in video ethnography. She has carried out extensive health related research for organisations such as the NHS, the Primary Care Trust, Cancer Research, The National Autistic Society, Refuge, and has worked on global user experience and product development research including as senior ethnographer at Microsoft Headquarters in Seattle.

Satya Research carries out ethnography work for leading research and design companies on marketing communications campaigns, strategic development, product development and insight. We support charities,  NGO’s, education institutions and  museums through visual research and consultancy.

Satya Research can be trusted to provide some of the UK’s finest visual ethnographers-  all trained visual anthropologists with exceptional filmmaking skills, and diverse and extensive experience in the field.

 Scroll down for some examples of our ethnography projects:

(please note: many ethnography studies are for internal purposes only so please ask Satya Films if you would like to view example videos)

In our Bones: An Ethnographic study of the Obby Oss Festival in Padstow, Cornwall


Why is the Padstow Obby Oss festival  so meaningful to it’s community, and how can this level of meaning be identified within a persons life time?  An Arts and Humanities Research Council funded visual and written ethnographic study in collaboration with the Padstow Museum.



How can children become leaders and how can teachers support this process?  Satya research worked with Hill Mead School to research and evaluate the development of a creative education programme over 12 weeks.  We also worked with teachers to help them to reflect on teaching methods and assimilate techniques. In keeping with the leadership focus, the students helped to create this video which showed the culmination of the research and provided a resource for teachers.


The Truth about the West

Satya Research worked with Design company Bamm London in an  in-depth ethnography study researching the relationship between place and identity in the South West.

In the contemporary context of the UK, what is the relationship between one’s sense of identity and one’s sense of place in southwestern UK ? What are the defining values, beliefs, and practices evident in the lives of local residents? How are these values and beliefs expressed in everyday life?


What is the experience of having a drainage system post mastectomy surgery? 

Satya films worked with Open Plan Research to carry out in-depth research into the experiences of women post surgery – both with and without drainage systems. A highly immersive and intimate study of  four women over several months  from the point of their mastectomy.


Tribute Ale: branding research

Satya films worked with design company A Little Bird, to reach ale drinkers throughout the South West and London and find out how much ‘Cornwall’ meant to them in their choice of ale.


Refuge: workplace awareness of domestic violence 

Satya Research assisted the  charity Refuge in developing a package aimed at raising awareness in the work place about domestic violence. Testaments of 7 survivors of domestic violence were recorded to add to the package.