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Participatory filmmaking brings groups and communities together to create their own films or to be a significant part of the creative journey. It crosses generational, social and cultural divides, and is one of the most empowering ways to work with vulnerable or marginalised people.  Participatory filmmaking is a powerful medium to empower, inspire and transform.

Satya films workshops are overseen by Satya Director Sky who works with a close team of  professional filmmakers and experienced creative educators. Satya workshops can be tailored to any age group and setting, and they can be taster sessions or in-depth intensives resulting in a finished film. We provide a supportive and creative environment where participants can draw upon film, animation, drama and music to explore and create.

Sky is a specialist in creative education with a wealth of experience in participatory and collaborative filmmaking. Her work spans leading documentary workshops with university students to creating animation projects with nursery children (and everything in-between- which sometimes involves dangling off trapezes).

Get in touch and we will be happy to work out a tailored education package to suit your organisation or group.

Check out some of the films that have come out of Satya workshops!


Other projects Satya Director Sky has worked on:

The Science Museum| Postcode Films | Cameroonian Community Film: Communication in Cameroon 

Project Manager/ Facilitator

A collaborative project that creatively engaged members of the Cameroonian diaspora in London in the planning of a short film for The Information Age Exhibition at the Science Museum.

Mulberry School for Girls | Postcode Films | ‘Educating Women in the Twenty-First Century: Passion, Possibilities and Power’ 

Project Facilitator

This inspired project, designed to widen young women’s aspirations in the professional world, brought Mulberry school girls into contact with some truly inspiring and life changing women as they created a series of short films.

Henry Compton School | Films for Humanity | Roma! 

Project Facilitator

Made with a group of teenage boys, this project explored and researched their Roma heritage and sought to better integrate them into their school whilst simultaneously giving a voice to a marginalised community.